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The health of Aurora’s downtown linked to the health of its residents

Published 3:40pm Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hurricane Irene took its toll on the Town of Aurora. More than two years after the category 1 hurricane flooded much of the town and displaced 50 families, Aurora continues to recover and rebuild.

Mayor Clif Williams said the town had to learn to do more with less revenue, and it will continue efforts to rebuild and revitalize its downtown in the coming year.

As he works to secure funding, Williams is playing those efforts close to the vest. But one of his priorities is public access to the Pamlico River.

Williams said he would like to see a dock and a place for residents to swim, all of which would be only a few blocks from downtown.

Aurora will be seeking ways to encourage businesses to come to downtown.

Healthy Places will play an active role in changing the landscape of downtown and the lives of Aurora residents.

Healthy Places is a Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust initiative designed to help rural counties become healthier by facilitating partnerships within the community and providing funding for ideas that would promote a healthy lifestyle.

At the top of Aurora’s wish list is a thriving fresh produce stand and Saturday market that would promote healthier diets and bring people to town at least once a week.



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    This article is not nearly long enough to state what’s going on.

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