CONTRIBUTED TIMES THREE: From Left to Right, Walt Alligood, Cherry Harris and Charles Taylor at a Christmas party.
TIMES THREE: From Left to Right, Walt Alligood, Cherry Harris and Charles Taylor at a Christmas party.

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Triple Deliveries

Published 9:13pm Friday, January 10, 2014

By Tyler Stocks

While most sisters have their babies’ months apart from each other, Deborah Lilley’s three older sisters had babies less than three weeks apart.

Lilley’s sister Margaret Anne Harris had her baby, Charles Woodson “Woody” Taylor, Dec. 24, 1973. Margaret Harris said it was quite a surprise considering that Taylor came earlier than expected.

“I was supposed to have Woody Jan. 7, but he came the day before Christmas,” she said.

Little did Margaret Harris or her two sisters know, the first couple of weeks in January 1974 would get more interesting.

Sisters Brenda Taylor and Janet Alligood had babies Jan. 9 and Jan. 11.  “It was really strange for all of us to be pregnant around the same time. I’m sure it was strange for my momma and daddy too,” Margaret Harris said.

“The doctors were surprised and thought it was funny. It was just one shower after another. It was fun having the birthdays, taking pictures of all three of them at the same time.”

Brenda Taylor gave birth to the only girl, Cherry Taylor Harris, and Janet Alligood had a boy, Walter “Walt” Alligood.

The short time period in which the sisters gave give birth is something that can’t be explained according to Lilley.

“They didn’t plan it this way, it just happened,” Lilley said.

Cherry Harris and Charles Taylor recently turned 40 and Walter Alligood turns 40 today. Lilley threw a surprise party after Christmas to celebrate their birthdays.

“Now that they have turned forty, I just thought it was interesting,” Lilley explained. “We had a party the Saturday after Christmas.” The reason for this stems from health problems all three sisters have had to contend with.

For Margaret Harris though, she says just being together after Christmas was most important.

“It was nice with everybody being there. We did a lot of hugging and I’m glad that mom and everybody was able to be there because as sick as everybody’s been, we don’t know from one year to the next,” she said.

Despite the health problems faced by the family, life continues to go on, and Margaret Harris expressed her enthusiasm about Charles Taylor becoming a grandfather in April.

When it comes their careers, Charles Taylor works at a cable company, Cherry Harris teaches pre-school at a church and Walter Alligood teaches art and English, and has spent time teaching English in Japan. An artist, Walter Alligood’s work has been featured at the Washington Civic Center gallery.

Margaret Harris said she and her siblings try to get together as often as possible. However, keeping it simple and having each other is what is most important to her.

“We just eat and drink and enjoy everybody’s company. It’s nothing special we do other than visit for a few hours. We will still get together as long as we can. We all keep it together for our mother,” Harris said.




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