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Officials: stay off roads

Published 9:15am Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Beaufort County Emergency Management and local DOT office officials are warning people to stay home today.

According to Curtis Avery, Beaufort County’s Fire Marshall, driving conditions are hazardous today.

“Ice and snow on (the roads). We’re asking everybody to stay off the road,” Avery said. “They’re icy, they’re dangerous to be on, especially bridges and overpasses.”

According to Sgt. Beau Daniel with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, once night falls and temps fall into the low teens or single digits, black ice is a real threat for drivers. He added that the highway patrol had received no reports of accidents today, as most drivers are staying home.

Avery said no major power outages had been reported and even weather-related accidents have been kept to a minimum.

“Everything’s been pretty quiet,” he said. “Other than a couple of people sliding off roads, but, really, no reported injuries.”

Washington Fire Services did respond to National Spinning in Washington, where a warehouse roof collapsed this morning.

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