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Online gospel: Church offers resources through RightNow Media

Published 5:17pm Friday, February 21, 2014

Ministers, staff and members of Washington’s First Baptist Church have access to an online library that will help them enhance and expand their Christian education, Bible-study efforts and ministries.

The online library, provided through RightNow Media, offers materials such as discipleship videos for young children, students and adults. They may be viewed from a TV, tablet, cellphone and computer. The online library offers a Bible-study section, a customized-training section and a leadership-events section. The church’s congregation has access to more than 3,500 video Bible studies.

The videos feature authors and lecturers such as Max Lucado, Annie Downs and Mike Calhoun.

RightNow Ministries’ mission, according to the RightNow Media website, is to “help people trade in the pursuit of the American Dream for a world that desperately needs Christ. Our ultimate goal at RightNow Ministries is to encourage millions of Christians to be on a mission wherever God as them … to be TRADERS.”

Annually, the ministry serves more than 8,000 churches and organizations such as Young Life offer access to the same online library.

“We have a passion for the church and really engaging the church in ways to help people live out their faith. For years, we had been creating resources on DVD and through part of our team we call Bluefish TV. For years, Bluefish had created DVD resources for churches. Then, we saw technology changing. We wanted to engage the church in new ways, as well,” said Brian Mosley, president of RightNow Ministries. “So, we realized that if we could take our content, as well as a lot of other people’s content, and make it available online, that we could then, hopefully, serve the churches deeper.”

Mosley said RightNow Media, based near Dallas, Texas, is using today’s technology to carry out the Great Commission that Jesus gave his disciples more than 2,000 years ago.

“Our whole mission is to put great content in front of people of the church, hoping that God uses it to help strengthen their family, help them with their faith at work, or in their neighborhood or at school,” Mosley said. “We love to come tell a church, ‘Hey, we’ve got all this great content.’ The content can’t do it by itself, but if this content can make its way in front of the right people in your church, maybe God can use that content to spark conversation, spark change. The appeal to the church is: ‘We’ve got a huge library of great biblical-based content. We would love to serve you and your ministries with this content.’ The best part is they get … to choose the content that’s most relevant and most applicable to their situation.”


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