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Write Again … These are just my opinions

Published 7:33pm Monday, March 17, 2014

When I write one of these “random shots” kinds of columns my friend Ray terms it my “pet peeves.”

Well. I don’t want to be viewed as one who voices, well, “pet peeves.”

That’s not good.

So. Now that we’ve cleared that misrepresentation up, let me offer a few more of my pet — ooops — astute observations and insightful opinions.

Never? Never say never, they (who are “they”?) say.

Bull. There are some words, phrases, things I will never — never ever — say.

Included among, but not limited to, are such as these:

I won’t use “impact” for “affect.” I won’t say “no problem” in place of “thank you.” I will never refer to any group as “you guys.” Or say “problematic” for problem.

And I won’t say “back to back” when referring to something in sequence.

I won’t call any weather occurrence an “event.” I will not use “hopefully” incorrectly. (Almost everyone does.  I won’t say “escalates” for increase.

I won’t say “on the day,” “on the night,” “on the season.” I won’t say “knocked down” describing a successful shot in basketball. Or say “dished.”

I won’t say “at the end of the day” or “going forward.”

Most emphatically, I will never, ever tell anyone he or she is overweight, fat or obese, and need to do thus and such. (Of course, some people don’t hesitate to tell me I’m too thin, I need to eat more or words to that effect. Those who do this are rude, impolite, insensitive or just plain stupid.)

Perhaps the hardest of all is trying not to have it bother me when I hear someone end a sentence with “at.” Yet, I will not say anything about it.

Now. All of the aforementioned views, opinions expressed herein aren’t worth a bucket of warm spit, I freely admit.

If such trivial concerns were all I had to worry about I should count myself fortunate, indeed.

Having admitted this, please let me conclude with one last “never, ever.”

I will never refer to young players on recreation league teams, or call middle school, or high school junior varsity and varsity athletic teams “women’s” and “men’s” teams.

Come on, now. They are still girls and boys. Plain and simple.

Enough. Thanks for hanging with me, kind readers. I’ll try to do better next week.



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