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Terra Ceia Christian School Honor Roll

Published 9:08pm Monday, April 7, 2014

3rd Quarter


Principal’s List:

Grade 3: Hayden Bowen, Jenna Walker
Grade 4: Emma Barrett, Wyatt Hubers, Hensley Jordon
Grade 5: Jacob Dorn
Grade 6: Lynn Van Staalduinen
Grade 7: Laurel Meijer, Abby Manning, Lelon Stotesberry
Grade 8: Ashley James, Alice Van Staalduinen
Grade 9: Catherine Meijer

Grade 10: Mollie Hubers
Grade 11: Taylor Newman
Grade 12: Clint Sickert

Honor Roll:


Grade 3: Violet Ramsey, Levi Van Staalduinen

Grade 4:

Grade 5: Carson Bowen, Brandon Cox, Kirby Grace Dunn, Kaitlyn Ormond, Matt Van Staalduinen

Grade 6: Dawson Cox, Kaylee Ewell, Madison Perry

Grade 7: Madison Boyd

Grade 8: Brian Hubers, Katlynn Stotesberry
Grade 9: Audrey Glass, Tyler Hendrix, Quentin Van Essendelft, Joehn Woolard, Austin Wynne
Grade 10: Chase Furlough, Caitlin Griffin, Rebecca Harrison, Hayley Noles
Grade 11: Melody Allen, Wesley Butcher, Gerrit Van Staalduinen
Grade 12: Brent Hubers, Justin Warren,  Aaron Williams

Knight’s Scroll:

Jordan Conigliaro, Jayna Van Staalduinen, Emily Roscoe, Kayla Stotesbury, Beth Ann Russ


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