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Published 8:32pm Monday, May 5, 2014

To the Editor:


In response to Chris Cayton’s letter of 4/22, I must tell Mrs. Cayton that I am an American Citizen living in N.C. As for me being a Damn Yankee, let it be known that I’ve lived in N.C. for 24 years and have become completely dedicated to this state and Beaufort County.
Chris, please present the facts, as you call them, that Mr. Richardson used when making the remarks I pointed out in my previous letter. Show me where the Sheriff’s Department and the schools can remove ONE MILLION dollars from their budgets. Show me were Mr. Richardson ONLY mocks other commissioners OCCASIONALLY. Show me where Mr. Richardson hasn’t on MANY occasions shouted down other commissioners when they disagree with him. Show me WHY Mr. Richardson was so FOR the new jail, with plans/drawings/cost estimates, etc. and NOW is totally against it.
Before you label folks as you’ve done me, you should do your homework and find out what I’m all about and don’t stereotype me with what you perceive in your eyes as a negative element of society.
Lastly, for you to condemn me for not going after other commissioners, I ask you to show me where any of them conduct themselves like Hood.
William Buonanno
Chocowinity, N.C.

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