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Write Again … A rollicking musical comedy

Published 8:41pm Monday, May 5, 2014

“The Episcopal Church, Group No. 2, Washington, N.C., Presents ‘Listen Lady,’ A Rollicking Musical Comedy, Tuesday Night, October 5, 1926. 8:30 o’clock – John H. Small School.”

That’s right – 1926.

Oh, how I wish this four-page publication had come into my possession years ago. Many years ago. Now, however, many readers won’t be familiar with the businesses that advertised in the flyer, or the people mentioned.

In fact, those of you who aren’t natives, and who aren’t, well, “age advanced,” might want to perhaps skip the rest of this “look back.”

Some of the advertisers included Bank of Washington, Lee Stewart Jewelry Store, Phillips-Wright Furniture Co., J.B. Fowle and Son, Worthy & Etheridge.

Their ad copy stated: “No Dope! When in pain take PINK-A-DINE. A Remedy Guaranteed. Will not Depress the Heart.” Good stuff.

And City Furniture Co., Cutler and Harris, Willis Baking Company, Bowers Brothers Company, Capehart Laundry, Washington Department Store, The Beaufort Warehouse (tobacco), Carolina Candy Company, Crystal Ice and Coal Company, et al. A lot of et als.

Let me give you some of the names of those in the cast. The “Kitty Kats” were Betsy Bowers, Mary Diamond, Florence Tripp, Sarah Paul (my Sally’s six-year old mother), Margaret Hodges, Mutter Blount Weston, Elizabeth C. Williams, Mill (?) Mayo.

The “Uncle Sams” were Dot Baugham, Millie Carter, Margaret Goerch, (her father later founded “The State” magazine), Beany Dixon, Caddy Willis, Betsy Phelps, Maude Hodges, Julia Bowers.

The “Umbrella Kiddies” included Doris Goerch, Mary Louise Etheridge, Mary Elizabeth (Baby) Robbins, Violet Meekins, Jennette Hackney, Suzanne Willis, Elizabeth Fowle, Emily Warren, Joan Blount Stell.

Some of the adults in “Listen Lady” were L.S. Graham, Ben Taylor, Rose Mary Bowen, Bob Ross, Margaret Shelton, E. S. Johnson (coach, principal, superintendent, owner of Camp Mishemokwa), Augusta Clark, Ronald Rhodes, Lousie Shelburn, Aileen Rumley, Amber Holloman, Ethel Mixon.

I’ve had to leave out many of the advertisers. (I don’t think the Daily News is going to turn the whole page over to me.)

I do know, however, that J.K. Hoyt had a “line of New Fall Dresses”. The Hub did also. Ecklin’s Meat Market had the “Best Fresh Meat Sold in Washington”.

And Bowen Drug company advised “Listen Ladies! If the baby cries – Take him out. If you have a bad cough or cold, come to see us.”

Well. A bit of nostalgia for a few souls – those still among us who were related to some of those mentioned.

I’m sorry I didn’t get to see “Listen Lady” – A Rollicking Musical Comedy.

The cast now belongs to the ages.


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