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Write Again . . . He speaks to us even now

Published 7:36pm Monday, June 2, 2014

It’s a lovely spot. Peaceful. Colorful also, with all the flags, which are especially inspiring when waving in a gentle breeze.

The green grass makes it just, well, nice. Very nice. So, too, do the feathered friends who tend to congregate there frequently during certain seasons. The statuary is appropriately understated.

It’s a bucolic setting. A real asset to our little town and to the community-at-large.

Except. Except that a proper sign is missing. Oh, there’s a small sign in the front. Very small. And very not permanent appearing.

What is needed, though, really needed, is a larger, tasteful sign that lets one and all know that this hallowed spot is “Veterans Park.”

That this bit of earth here in our county is in honor and remembrance of all who gave their lives for their country — for us — in all the wars and conflicts that reach all across our nation’s history. And for all who ever served. Across the ages.

What is needed, really needed, are the funds to make such a site designation — Veterans Park — a reality.

To bring this to fruition, please allow me to offer a fund-raising suggestion.

Let’s ask every veteran in our county to give — invest — $10 toward this goal.

Let’s ask every person who has or had a family member who served, or is serving in our armed forces now, to give $10.

Let’s ask everyone — anyone — who isn’t a part of the aforementioned groups to give $10.

Let’s ask our corporate and business friends and neighbors to join this one-time-only endeavor.

Who might coordinate this patriotic project? Perhaps our veterans groups, or civic clubs, or fraternal organizations, or some combination of all of them. Or just some community leaders-at-large.

The lanky fellow from Illinois once challenged the nation to “… highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain…”

He speaks to us even now, across so many years, so many wars, so many sacrifices…so many tears.

Do we hear him?

Do we remember?

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