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Sports bring business to community

Published 5:19pm Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Remember when you were growing up and there was nothing like sinking your teeth into some vanilla ice cream after a drawn-out, two-and-a-half hour Little League game? How about the end-of-the-season pizza parties? Or, maybe you remember when your parents took you to dinner after going 4-for-4.

In Washington, these long-standing traditions still take place, proving that sports plays major role in the success of the local economy.

And it doesn’t just have to be Little League. Things like sailing, boating, Dock Dogs or this weekend’s Washington Olympic Triathlon are sure to pack local signature eateries like On the Waterfront, Franks, Marabella, Apollo’s, Backwater Jack’s and Down on Mainstreet.

In accordance with the triathlon, Belhaven will be hosting a Little League All-Star tournament this weekend, while Washington holds a District 6 Softball tournament, bringing teams (as well as parents) from Jamesville, Hyde County, and Bear Grass.

The combination of all three events will bring people from as far as Raleigh to Beaufort County, inevitably filling restaurants and crowding storefronts in downtown Washington.

Likewise, two weeks from now, 44 different teams from all over eastern North Carolina will come to the Susiegray McConnell Sports Complex for the Washington All-Star Tournament.

Of course, today’s 2014 FIFA World Cup match between the United States and Germany will certainly draw a particular crowd to bars, especially with a spot in knockout stage on the line.

When businesses thrive, they’re more willing to give back as a result. Vinny Cilluffo, the owner of Frank’s Pizza, has become a major sponsor of youth sports in the area and other establishments in the downtown area are following suit.

Whether it’s grabbing a milkshake at Dairy Palace, a pizza at Frank’s or a Pamlico Platter at On the Waterfront, this weekend’s array of sporting events will be good for business, parents and the kids.

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