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Letter to the editor

Published 5:18pm Wednesday, July 2, 2014

To the Editor:

We have a primary runoff coming up, and I hope we not see anymore last minute attacks made on candidates. Candidates who wait until the last minute to make an attack on an opponent are usually either exaggerating or outright lying. Postcards by mail are often used for this purpose. If the attack had any substance, they would have aired it earlier in the campaign. Instead, they wait until advertising deadlines have passed or an opposing campaign would have already committed all of its campaign budget, and then spring a last minute surprise, hoping that the opponent will not have the time or the funds to be able to respond.

Unfortunately, we have seen political consultants invade political campaigns at all levels, and many of them love to drop last minute mailings of slick postcards that savage the opponent, usually unfairly and often dishonestly. We are even seeing that lately in county-level campaigns. When this happens in a campaign, voters should not believe a word of such a last minute attack, as it is probably untrue, and they should be extremely wary of candidates who campaign in such an underhanded manner.


Jane Alligood


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