Bartow Houston

Write Again . . . The “unmentionable” topic?

Okay. Alright, now. This is it. I mean, I’m going to do it. Write about it. And (we are taught — were taught?) not to ... Read more

Write Again . . . About the “American Dream”

Much is being said and written about the cherished goal of living the “American Dream” becoming less and less obtainable. It is said that today’s ... Read more

Write Again . . . Now call your next witness

There are, have been, a lot of lawyer jokes. You know, poking fun at those who ply their trade in the legal realm. Now, you ... Read more

Write Again . . . He speaks to us even now

It’s a lovely spot. Peaceful. Colorful also, with all the flags, which are especially inspiring when waving in a gentle breeze. The green grass makes ... Read more