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Write Again . . . Music can be our blessing

 Our land — “this land is your land, this land is my land” — is rich in its many and diverse music forms and traditions. ... Read more

Notes from a Beekeeper: Anniversaries and Plans

Notes from a Beekeeper: Anniversaries and Plans

  Time passes quickly when you are having fun. I recently passed two first-year anniversaries. I celebrated my first year as a beekeeper on March ... Read more

Education, community development hand in hand

It makes sense that community leaders would work together to make things better. Unfortunately, all too often, things get in the way. Politics, bureaucracy and ... Read more

Don’t be a ramp hog — boat launch etiquette

Ever meet the ramp hog? A ramp hog is that person completely unprepared to launch their boat when they splash the trailer. They prepare their ... Read more

Spring Produce is Here!

Now that the spring season is here, we can take advantage of its benefits like warm weather, blooming flowers and homegrown fresh produce! Produce is ... Read more