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Who needs what and when: Screening for breast cancer in 2015

From Brenda Peacock, M.D. Current screening mammography guidelines for women in the United States have not changed, contrary to what you may have heard. The ... Read more

Write Again . . . The diary of a soldier

“1864 “It was the last full year of the war and First Sgt. William H. Fitzgerald, F Company, First North Carolina Cavalry, had obtained an ... Read more

Health Beat: Take the plunge

Whether you consider yourself a swimmer or not, I challenge you to take the plunge into becoming an aquatic exerciser. Why, you might ask? It ... Read more

“Tending Miss Emily” Stories: Fearing Alzheimer’s

I try not to fake it. But when someone begins a sentence with “Don’t you remember when…” or “You remember so and so, don’t you?” ... Read more

A good week in Washington

Last week was a good week in Washington. There was an air of positivity at every turn, a quality of life unrivaled. That quality of ... Read more