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Maintain, Don’t Gain During the Holidays

Maintain, Don’t Gain During the Holidays

We’ve heard this phrase before – but how do we apply it to our lives? The holiday season is filled with all kinds of delicious ... Read more

Shop local this holiday season

Cold weather isn’t the only thing bearing down on Eastern North Carolina. With Thanksgiving waiting just around the corner, the holiday shopping season is upon ... Read more

Inter-local Governmental Cooperation Can Work!

It is a pleasure to see the joint City of Washington and Washington Park efforts with NCDOT and Carolina Coastal RR (CCRR) pay off with ... Read more

Boating Tips: Fun on the Water

The primary reason you bought a boat was to enjoy it, take advantage of the variety of new, fun and exciting opportunities. We’ve explored safety ... Read more

Write Again . . . My ignorance grows greater

Being ignorant is not always bliss. Believe me, I know, because I’m ignorant about so much that is a part of today’s world. Honesty compels ... Read more