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Write Again . . . Our national obsession

They were sitting on the floor of the large performance gazebo at Festival Park. Both were focused on their little hand-held communication gizmos. Their smart-phones, ... Read more

Write Again. . . We called them savages

“Bartow, this one is worthy of a re-run.  Have read it many times and shared with many . . .” Well, now.  Thanks, Marti. That ... Read more

About vaccination and the third-leading cause of cancer

Cervical cancer is currently the third-leading cause of cancer death in women worldwide. While the use of Pap smears has been effective at reducing cases ... Read more

Workers fair share

When state legislative leaders cut benefits for North Carolina’s unemployed they maintained that they were merely bringing North Carolina more into line with surrounding states. ... Read more

Write Again . . . The day he didn’t sing

My old friend — well, not exactly “old” in years; no, maybe that too — the Rev. Charles M. Smith, is a man possessed of ... Read more