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Write Again . . . An unsettling experience

My aim is to get this right. That is, my intention is to simply, thoughtfully, present the facts, describe the situation, in an objective manner. ... Read more

Eat Right to Protect Your Kidneys

March is designated not only as National Nutrition Month, but also National Kidney Month. Food can be considered medicine and likewise, food choices decrease the ... Read more

My hemorrhoids are killing me

Alright, it’s okay to chuckle at that headline. But in reality hemorrhoids CAN kill you! What?  Are you serious?  Perhaps you always thought hemorrhoids were ... Read more

Write Again . . . We became one heartbeat

We all called him “Lip.” His last name was Lipscomb. More properly, and in a different setting, he would have been called Sergeant Lipscomb. Or ... Read more

HEALTH BEAT: Help your family spring off the couch and into motion

Spring is upon us, and if you have been considering trying to help your family be more active, now is a great time. Not only ... Read more