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On productivity and wages

Liberal and conservative economists universally agree that income and wages can increase for everyone across an economy only when productivity increases. There are a number ... Read more

Write Again . . . And we all have cried

Perhaps, kind readers, you may remember a column which appeared February 3, written by my special “guest columnist,” our daughter Mary Bart. It was titled ... Read more

Living wages and welfare

In my previous article I showed, using the living wages calculator created by MIT, the hourly wages full time workers in Beaufort County would need ... Read more

They got the goldmine

They got the goldmine

  Beaufort County has finalized its budget for 2015-16. The expected expenditures amount to $57,500,000. That’s $6 million more than was spent in 2013-14 and ... Read more

BOATING TIPS: Marine radio etiquette

I hope none of you have endured a jerk broadcasting their favorite heavy metal song on you VHF radio. Nor heard an intoxicated boater screaming ... Read more