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Write Again . . . Where everyone is welcome

From very early in my life I have tried to be open-minded and not judgmental with respect to the religious views and affiliations of others. ... Read more

Health Beat, Teens and sleep

By Tamara L. Stevens, MA If you’ve ever lived with a teenager, you know that there’s a lot of truth to the stereotype that teens ... Read more

Write Again . . . And see the cotton fields

Early on a weekday morning. Late summer. Sitting on the back porch with Beau, our Boston Terrier. Both of us have grown old. Together. We ... Read more

Pamlico’s Past: Coast Guard Day in Washington

Pamlico’s Past: Coast Guard Day in Washington

  By Ray Midgett It may surprise you to know that the U. S. Coast Guard had a long tradition in the town of Washington, ... Read more

The trouble with sitting

By Meagan Overman For the Daily News We have all heard the phrase that we need to “move more,” but have you heard that we ... Read more