Write Again … The seasons of our lives

The seasons of the year. The seasons of our lives. Spring. Springtime. The beginning. New life. The earth awakens, bringing with it often indescribable beauty. ... Read more

A kayak trip worth the time

A kayak trip worth the time

  I’ve lived in the Washington area for the last three months and after getting over a fear of something eating me in the Pamlico ... Read more

Write Again . . . The “unmentionable” topic?

Okay. Alright, now. This is it. I mean, I’m going to do it. Write about it. And (we are taught — were taught?) not to ... Read more

Boating Tips: Retrieving a secured anchor

No need to work hard to retrieve your anchor. First, position a person wearing a life jacket on the bow and slowly idle the boat ... Read more

HEALTH BEAT: 50 going on 30

 Turning back the clock through exercise   Getting older can almost be summed up by a joke a friend of mine once said, “At this ... Read more