My turn: Property tax reduction — a question for candidates

At the top of the 2007 real estate bubble, residents of Beaufort County paid $22,283,649 in property taxes. In 2016, property taxes collected will total ... Read more

2015 dietary guidelines for Americans: decrease added sugars

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently released our nation’s newest dietary guidelines. These guidelines, which are released every five years, are intended to ... Read more

My turn: It’s how they made you feel

Two pastors in our small town, loved by many both inside and outside the faith communities they serve here, are walking through a challenging season ... Read more

Write Again . . . ‘Freedom for Friends’

Write Again . . . ‘Freedom for Friends’

It was cold, growing colder. The rain had begun. A day to be outdoors, it wasn’t. It was also in the morning. On a weekend. ... Read more

BOATING TIPS: Our children and water safety

Eastern North Carolina blesses us with a wealth of opportunity for on water activities. We’re also fortunate to have boaters who enjoy introducing boating and ... Read more