Boating tips: no yelling

By BIFF MATTHEWS Private pilots invest the time, energy and patience in teaching their spouse, partner or significant other a few basic flying skills, primarily, ... Read more

Write Again . . . He knew ‘What will matter’

It was so powerful, so poignant, so didactic, if you will, that I felt it must be repeated. And so, I contacted Amy Brewer, hospice ... Read more

My turn: Hospital spinoffs

It wasn’t too many years ago that the county decided to divest itself of Beaufort County Hospital. Politics ran high and Community Health Systems (CHS) ... Read more

You are part of sustainable agriculture

You are part of sustainable agriculture

By ASHLEY CORBETT There is a quote, “if you eat food, you’re involved in agriculture,” which shows that we as consumers play a large role ... Read more

During our time in Ireland

    By ABBY HARRIS During our time in Ireland, our entire People to People group had the wonderful opportunity to stay with a real ... Read more