Workers fair share

When state legislative leaders cut benefits for North Carolina’s unemployed they maintained that they were merely bringing North Carolina more into line with surrounding states. ... Read more

Write Again . . . The day he didn’t sing

My old friend — well, not exactly “old” in years; no, maybe that too — the Rev. Charles M. Smith, is a man possessed of ... Read more

There’s some truth to spring fever

Spring is the season of new life and growth, a reprieve from winter and a time that brings better weather, flowers, and newness of life.  ... Read more

Health department’s role in managing domestic violence

Domestic violence is a serious public health problem with lasting and harmful effects to individuals, families, and communities. It occurs here in Beaufort County and ... Read more

Less big government?

Conservatives often talk about government being too big and too intrusive on our lives. The Conservative controlled North Carolina Legislature is adding layer after layer ... Read more