Write Again . . . It’s a losing proposition

For those among you, kind readers, who aren’t particularly interested in or concerned about language usage, please let me assure you that should you elect ... Read more

Tending Miss Emily: Handling anger, or not

Caregiving with anger and bitterness doesn’t work. I know. Mother and I tried that approach for three years. We were both miserable. Eventually, learning about ... Read more

Continuing our commitment to health care

Continuing our commitment to health care

The American health care system is going through a once in a lifetime transformation. Many of these changes are for the better. In the state ... Read more

Health Beat: New nutrition facts label

A new nutrition facts label   Ashley Corbett   We’ve all seen it. It’s on every box, bag and canned goods in the grocery story. ... Read more

Write Again . . . It’s an equal opportunity

This column could have been titled “Thoughts on death and dying,” but that would have been a bit morbid. That just wouldn’t be a good ... Read more