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Letter to the editor: Tap Perry

To the Editor: I am a sophomore at Arendell Parrott Academy in Kinston. I have been a student there since 8th grade and my sister ... Read more

Thank you, Belhaven

To the Editor: While visiting my parents during the 4th of July festivities in Belhaven, my dog, Leo was spooked during the fireworks and ran off. Fortunately, ... Read more

Memories of the best weekend

To the Editor: I have just come from Old Ford Church of Christ where the Class of 1960 had our class reunion. I am like ... Read more

A thank you from Hiram Lodge

To the Editor: As many in the community know, Hiram Lodge No. 11 (PHA) of Washington was severely damaged by a fire during the evening ... Read more

Hospital campaign may end up hurting Belhaven

To the Editor: I believe protest movements oftentimes have a tendency to last much longer than the facts actually support their existence. Case in point, ... Read more