Letters to the Editor


To the Editor: We would like to thank all the people of Washington, Greenville and surrounding counties that gave prayers, clothes, furniture, appliances, cash, toys, ... Read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The answer to the question

To the Editor: To fly the Confederate flag or not, that is the question? The answer, fly the only flag that matters. The one that ... Read more

Veterans’ health care

I am a veteran, a retired Sergeant Major with 24 years service, almost all combat arms, brother to two veterans, father/stepfather to four veterans (two ... Read more

Letter to the Editor: June 25, 2015

It’s a father’s job to raise his son up to be a man and his daughter to settle for nothing less. Keep the Ten Commandments ... Read more

Letter to the Editor: June 21, 2015

To the Editor, Last Friday morning, we found my mother collapsed on the floor of her home in Bath. After a quick evaluation by my ... Read more