Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Emily Alligood, Lady Pack Goal Keeper

To the Editor, It is time to publically thank several people and groups. David Cucchiara and the WDN provided wonderful coverage of our “Cinderella” season. ... Read more

A museum in Washington

To the Editor:   Your editorial in the June 12 issue of the Washington Daily News, concerning the need for an historic museum in Washington, ... Read more

A moment to say “Thanks”

To the editor: As many of you know, the evening of April 25th was a horrific time for many Washingtonians. My family was enjoying an evening of ... Read more

Should N.C. legalize marijuana?

To the Editor:   After talking to a friend who works at the Hyde County prison and doing some math, I know why the state ... Read more

  To the Editor, As we celebrate Flag Day, perhaps it might interest people to learn how Flag Day came to be.  The design of ... Read more