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Past time to fill vacancy

Back in the 1770s, a group of people expressed concern over taxation without representation. Today, some people are concerned about representation — make that full ... Read more

Pier continues strategy

Pier continues strategy

If everything goes according to schedule, Washington residents and others should be able to enjoy the new People’s Pier this fall. Installation of the pier ... Read more

College a lifeline for workforce development

Recently, research by the N.C. Community College System and the N.C. Department of Labor reflected Beaufort County Community College excels in providing education and job ... Read more

Entering the prime of its life

For 42 years the Beaufort County Arts Council acted as a catalyst for the arts from a very comfortable, settled space largely provided by the ... Read more

Be prepared to stop

Although it’s happened just 13 times since 1999 — not even averaging once a year since 1999 — it’s 13 times too many. What’s 13 ... Read more

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Write Again … Where did it go?

Missing. Where, oh where, did it all go? Well, now. That is the question. Where, indeed? And just what is it that’s missing, Mr. Column ... Read more

The gift of life

Will my doctors still try to save my life if they know I’m a registered organ donor? This is one of the 10 most frequently ... Read more

Turning private wealth into public waste

Beaufort County’s $59.1 million budget has over spent itself into a $2.6 million deficit, and taxpayers need to connect the county board’s record of aggressive ... Read more

Write Again … An O. Henry ending

It was a love letter. Well, it was more than that, as you’ll see. It was postmarked December 23, 8 a.m., 1953 — Washington, NC. ... Read more

What is General Anxiety Disorder?

General Anxiety Disorder or GAD is an anxiety disorder characterized by chronic anxiety, exaggerated worry and tension, even when there is little or nothing to ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Law protects rights of young children

To the Editor, OK. I’ve listened to all the spin on HB2, all of it demonizing our Governor, Lt. Governor and our General Assembly. Ben ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Eating sustainably

To the Editor, With the 47th annual observance of Earth Day just around the corner, this is a great time to explore more effective ways ... Read more

Recognize the reality and act

To the Editor, Twelve years ago, I relocated to eastern North Carolina. Good schools, moderate real estate prices, affordable taxes, nearby health services and great ... Read more

Fund balances should be about dollars

To the Editor, Misters Richardson, Alligood and Waters and Ms. Radcliffe are all climbing the wrong tree. Fund balances should be about dollars not percentages. ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Discrimination will not be condoned

To the Editor, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, among almost all other world faiths, call upon believers to receive the stranger with hospitality and compassion, to ... Read more