Schools are motivating students to succeed

Don Phipps, Beaufort County Schools superintendent, made an interesting comment at Monday’s school board meeting. He said a student who drops out of school at ... Read more

Sound off, Nov. 28, 2013

Reading the City Council beat, I would have to agree with Doug Mercer about if you don’t show up for the meeting, you don’t get ... Read more

Take back the holidays

Ask a dozen people on the street what is the most common, all-American breakfast and you’ll most likely hear “bacon and eggs” from 10 of ... Read more

Sound Off, Nov. 24, 2013

Let’s get the facts straight. The president did not deliberately lie to the people. He spoke about something that he truly believed to be true. ... Read more

Prevention the key to a healthy holiday

Up to this point, Beaufort County has had a mild flu season. As families come together this holiday season, it will take diligence to keep ... Read more

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The presidency and my experience in the Air Force

When I graduated from high school in 1963, I immediately joined the U.S. Air Force. They let me have the summer off and sent me ... Read more

How to be gluten-free in restaurants

It is estimated that 18 million Americans have “nonceliac gluten sensitivity” whereas 3 million are estimated to have diagnosed celiac disease — an autoimmune disorder ... Read more

Support our wildlife refuge managers

When I read Bill McKibben’s “The End of Nature” a number of years ago, the part that struck me the most was not all of ... Read more

Write Again … Where did it go?

Missing. Where, oh where, did it all go? Well, now. That is the question. Where, indeed? And just what is it that’s missing, Mr. Column ... Read more

The gift of life

Will my doctors still try to save my life if they know I’m a registered organ donor? This is one of the 10 most frequently ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Serving as a model for rural healthcare

To the Editor, In reference to recent media attention regarding the “Save the Hospital” efforts, our family would like to express our unwavering support for ... Read more

Law protects rights of young children

To the Editor, OK. I’ve listened to all the spin on HB2, all of it demonizing our Governor, Lt. Governor and our General Assembly. Ben ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Eating sustainably

To the Editor, With the 47th annual observance of Earth Day just around the corner, this is a great time to explore more effective ways ... Read more

Recognize the reality and act

To the Editor, Twelve years ago, I relocated to eastern North Carolina. Good schools, moderate real estate prices, affordable taxes, nearby health services and great ... Read more

Fund balances should be about dollars

To the Editor, Misters Richardson, Alligood and Waters and Ms. Radcliffe are all climbing the wrong tree. Fund balances should be about dollars not percentages. ... Read more