A challenge for cheaters

The majority of you have been cheating. A recent survey said 91 percent of Americans do work-related tasks off the clock. Thirty-seven percent spent more ... Read more

Seeking beneficial solutions

That unsightly, floating green mess on Jack’s Creek isn’t algae or scum. It’s aquatic vegetation known as duckweed. What might look terrible to us is ... Read more

Sound Off, Sept. 1, 2013

I see somebody called in and said should the students wear uniforms? I say, “No.” Everybody does not need to be dressed alike. That’s why ... Read more

Sound Off, Aug. 30, 2013

Can someone soon tell us when the city is going to get out here and clean up the trees that have been cut down in ... Read more

Sound Off, Aug. 27, 2013

I picked up a copy of the County Compass, basically a Pamlico County paper, and I can’t believe how Hood Richardson is blasting our sheriff, ... Read more

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Write Again . . . It is “ To die a little”

From time to time — not too frequently, I promise — I like to dip into “New View — A Collection of Columns 1970-84.” This ... Read more

Boating tips: no yelling

By BIFF MATTHEWS Private pilots invest the time, energy and patience in teaching their spouse, partner or significant other a few basic flying skills, primarily, ... Read more

Write Again . . . He knew ‘What will matter’

It was so powerful, so poignant, so didactic, if you will, that I felt it must be repeated. And so, I contacted Amy Brewer, hospice ... Read more

My turn: Hospital spinoffs

It wasn’t too many years ago that the county decided to divest itself of Beaufort County Hospital. Politics ran high and Community Health Systems (CHS) ... Read more

You are part of sustainable agriculture

By ASHLEY CORBETT There is a quote, “if you eat food, you’re involved in agriculture,” which shows that we as consumers play a large role ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Warren Smith Sr.

Colored men and women, he was a Republican. What he failed to do was to put laws in place to protect them. They were hung, ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Jack Piland

You never know who or what will make your day. Mine was made by an elderly gentleman as I made my way into Tayloe’s for ... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Aug. 16, 2015

To the Editor: None of us want to go to the hospital but my wife recently had to, once as a planned outpatient and once ... Read more

Appeal to the Beaufort County commissioners

To the Editor: In their July meeting, the Board of Commissioners voted to dissolve the Beaufort Regional Health System Authority. Gary Brinn, in a My ... Read more


To the Editor: We would like to thank all the people of Washington, Greenville and surrounding counties that gave prayers, clothes, furniture, appliances, cash, toys, ... Read more