Sound Off, Aug. 15, 2013

I would like to thank Bill Cook for his long hours of service in the General Assembly and for his commitment to protecting the most ... Read more

My Turn: It’s time to implement waterfront plan

On May 29, 2012, then City Manager Josh Kay proposed to City Council a new management model for the City Waterfront Docks.  Minutes for the ... Read more

Sound Off, Aug. 4, 2013

How long is the city of Washington going to allow the geese to ruin the Veterans Park walking trail along Jack’s Creek? They are going ... Read more | 1 comment

Letter to the Editor: Publish voting records of elected officials

To the Editor: Kudos to you for the July 28 editorial “While We Were Sleeping” regarding the “sweeping changes made by the NC General Assembly.”  ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Thanks for supporting wounded military

To the Editor: I want to take this opportunity to thank the individuals who made possible the Hope for the Warriors Golf Tournament on Saturday.  ... Read more

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Write Again . . . The language of the realm

Call it colorful. Call it a collection of cliches. Call it what it is: Sportspeak. (Which is also a cliché.) That is, it’s the language ... Read more

On productivity and wages

Liberal and conservative economists universally agree that income and wages can increase for everyone across an economy only when productivity increases. There are a number ... Read more

Write Again . . . And we all have cried

Perhaps, kind readers, you may remember a column which appeared February 3, written by my special “guest columnist,” our daughter Mary Bart. It was titled ... Read more

Living wages and welfare

In my previous article I showed, using the living wages calculator created by MIT, the hourly wages full time workers in Beaufort County would need ... Read more

They got the goldmine

  Beaufort County has finalized its budget for 2015-16. The expected expenditures amount to $57,500,000. That’s $6 million more than was spent in 2013-14 and ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Veterans’ health care

I am a veteran, a retired Sergeant Major with 24 years service, almost all combat arms, brother to two veterans, father/stepfather to four veterans (two ... Read more

Letter to the Editor: June 25, 2015

It’s a father’s job to raise his son up to be a man and his daughter to settle for nothing less. Keep the Ten Commandments ... Read more

Letter to the Editor: June 21, 2015

To the Editor, Last Friday morning, we found my mother collapsed on the floor of her home in Bath. After a quick evaluation by my ... Read more

Heaven on East Main Street

To the Editor, After my family moved into our renovated house on East Main Street, we felt like we were in heaven! Overlooking the beautiful ... Read more

Supreme Court vs. Supreme Being

To the Editor, In just a few weeks the Supreme Court will be ruling on the case of same-sex marriage. Christians have entered into a ... Read more