A challenge for cheaters

The majority of you have been cheating. A recent survey said 91 percent of Americans do work-related tasks off the clock. Thirty-seven percent spent more ... Read more

Seeking beneficial solutions

That unsightly, floating green mess on Jack’s Creek isn’t algae or scum. It’s aquatic vegetation known as duckweed. What might look terrible to us is ... Read more

Sound Off, Sept. 1, 2013

I see somebody called in and said should the students wear uniforms? I say, “No.” Everybody does not need to be dressed alike. That’s why ... Read more

Sound Off, Aug. 30, 2013

Can someone soon tell us when the city is going to get out here and clean up the trees that have been cut down in ... Read more

Sound Off, Aug. 27, 2013

I picked up a copy of the County Compass, basically a Pamlico County paper, and I can’t believe how Hood Richardson is blasting our sheriff, ... Read more

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NC primary elections come early

The North Carolina Primary Election takes place March 15, 2016. This move is intended to increase North Carolina’s influence in presidential elections. The last primary ... Read more

Write Again . . . She was his secret love

Thomas Wolfe. No need to say anything about this literary colossus who ascended to heights as majestic as the mountains that produced him. Those who ... Read more

Allow me to indulge myself: the true story of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day most notably known by its appeal of family, food and football. There is a pleasant aroma of sweet potato pie in ... Read more

Protect your boat from the winter elements

Next to our house and possibly car or truck, our boat is the next largest investment. One we should protect. The first line of protection ... Read more

Write Again . . . The essence of democracy

When I began this column-writing endeavor — resumed, really — after an almost two-decade hiatus, back in December of 2010, I promised myself to refrain ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Minimum wage shouldn’t be political

To the Editor, H.L. Menken speaking of political parties posited that “one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other ... Read more

Letter to the editor: minimum wage laws

To the Editor,   The Washington Daily News has correctly used the laws of supply and demand to argue that the states are better suited ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Veterans Day service

To the Editor, In honor of the men and women who served the United States through military service, American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 15 will ... Read more

Utility facilities don’t have to be eyesores

To the Editor, Kudos to Chocowinity and Beaufort County officials for upgrading wastewater facilities on the south side of the river. However, why do we ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Elizabeth Mullet

To the Editor, What part of no emergency care do people not understand? True, a paramedic level ambulance will be a great help for many health ... Read more