Sharon Trying

Published 5:46 am Wednesday, March 19, 2003

By Staff
At a time when Israel is so very important to the United States, Ariel Sharon, newly elected prime minister, has yet to form a government. He has what he must consider as some bitter choices. His own political party has more power in Israel's parliament, but the number is far from a majority.
As this is being written, we read that he is discussing a coalition government with the Balor Party headed by Amran Mitzna, a political opponent far removed from Sharon's political views. Sharon is an army general and among all the top political leaders in Israel, this man is probably the leading hawk. On the other hand, if a coalition is reached, the Labor Party surely will demand a softening of the attitude against Palestine. It will surely insist that Sharon engage in negotiations rather than invasion. The Likud Party and the Labor Party are bitter enemies. Gen. Sharon, the prime minister, finds himself in a difficult spot.