Nearing capture

Published 7:16 am Monday, March 24, 2003

By Staff
The headline read, "Bin Laden nearing capture." For many Americans, such an event as the capture of this man would call for a celebration. But as this is being written, it was a week ago that the headline appeared in a state newspaper. The wording under the headline read, "Al-Qaida leader said on run after arrest of lieutenant."
The capture recently of the number three man was a spectacular accomplishment. Now the capture of any top-flight terrorist is big news. But let us not get too optimistic over the capture of one man. Let us realize that this man is just as smart as are the people trying to catch him. If he were not smart, he would not be where he is today. In due time, hiding places might run out on him and he might be caught.
When both are extremely smart, the one who works the hardest usually wins.