To serve

Published 10:15 am Sunday, July 1, 2007

By Staff
Those words, originally written by the late Ashley B. Futrell Sr. for an editorial in 1958, still reflect the mission of this newspaper and its staff.
In the nearly 50 years since those thoughts were first put to paper, a great many things have changed. The technology we use is certainly different. Many of the faces behind this newspaper have changed as time has marched on. But the one thing that has remained constant over the span of five decades is this: This newspaper exists to serve you.
Every person behind this daily effort knows that.
We count it a tremendous privilege to be invited into your lives, to be trusted to tell your stories, and to be able to ask the questions you want answered. We appreciate the standard you hold us to — and we appreciate the outcry when we fail to meet the bar that you set for us and that we set for ourselves.
We pledge our best efforts to bring to you the things that matter most. Our singular endeavor remains that which it has always been — to be the voice of the Pamlico.