Crab posters go on sale today

Published 8:25 am Friday, October 26, 2007

By Staff
Color photos of all 33 Crabs on the Move creations
Staff Writer
Posters featuring all 33 of the over-sized Crabs on the Move creations will be available today at the Washington Tourism Development Authority’s Visitor Center.
The color poster comes in two different sizes — a 16 by 20 inch and a 18 by 24 inch. The smaller version is $20 and the larger version is $25. The money goes to the City of Washington for future promotions, Lewis said.
The Pine Needles Garden Club started the Crabs on the Move project to attract tourists and to raise money for local charities. The decorated crabs are scattered throughout the greater Washington area. Informational sheets instructing visitors on how to find each crab have been available at the visitor’s center.
Work on putting the poster together started in October of last year. Lewis took photos of each crab and Five to Ten Designs in Washington came up with the poster design.
Jill Vogt, who works at the visitor center, said the public had a say in the poster’s appearance.
One of the posters has been framed and is on display at the center. “People come in and comment on the crabs. They just love them,” Vogt said. “That will be the first thing you see. … We anticipate people being drawn to it because they can see them all together. … I think it’s going to be a big hit.”
T-shirts are coming soon, Lewis said. The shirts will feature the same design and will go on sale in a couple of weeks.