Dr. Tayloe Jr. elected to pediatrics’ post

Published 1:53 pm Monday, November 26, 2007

By By CLAUD HODGES,Senior Reporter
Dr. David Thomas Tayloe Jr. has been elected by the American Academy of Pediatrics as president-elect.
He will serve for one year in 2008. His term will start on Oct. 10.
“He can do more things than anyone I know of. We’re all lucky to have him. He is completely sold on what he does,” the elder Tayloe said.
The junior Tayloe is a native of Washington, a child of the late Erin Tayloe. He has four siblings: two sisters, Sally Tayloe Duff and Buffa Tayloe Powell; and two brothers, Ryal Tayloe and Mark Tayloe.
As president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Tayloe will be a spokesperson for the organization, which is made up of 65,000 plus pediatricians. The academy has an office in Chicago, here it has a paid staff of 350. It also has an office in Washington DC, with a paid staff of 15.
Tayloe is deeply ingrained within the operation of the academy and works closely with many people on the board of directors.
The current president of the academy is Dr. Renee Jenkins and the past president was Dr. Jay Berkelhamer. Both of these people are academic, while Tayloe is an acting pediatrician.
Tayloe said his father, “Dr. Dave,” served in the academy twice on the state level and was asked to be a member of the academy on the national level. Tayloe said his father was in a position to move on to the board of directors on the national level, but declined. He could not be away from his practice for the time-consuming responsibilities he would have on the academy’s national board.
Tayloe is a graduate of Washington High School. He graduated as a Morehead scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, both in his undergraduate and graduate studies.
He served as a resident in pediatrics at St. Christopher’s Hospital in Philadelphia and his last year as a resident back at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
He went to Goldsboro in 1977 to set up his own one-doctor practice. Today, it has 12 pediatricians, eight physician assistants, one psychological professional and one lactation consultant.
Tayloe is married to Denise Goulibin from Elizabeth City. They have a son, Dr. David Thomas Tayloe III, who is serving his residency at the Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colo.; a daughter, Dr. Katherine Tayloe MacDonald, who is a pediatrician in Clayton and wants to come back and work in the practice with her father; another daughter, Eleanor Tayloe Kipp, a registered nurse who is in school studying to be a nurse practitioner; and another daughter, Rebecca Tayloe Seegars, who is a pharmacist at Wayne Memorial Hospital in Goldsboro.