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Washington Christmas flotilla attracts many

By Staff
Boats decorated for Christmas float past Washington waterfront
Senior Reporter
The Fifth Annual Christmas Flotilla in Washington lit the holidays on a quiet, calm and peaceful night Saturday evening parading on the Pamlico River.
Childrens’ eyes were aglow at the Washington waterfront as 21 boats decorated for Christmas floated by.
The children became more excited after Roger Tuttle, master of ceremonies, mentioned that Santa Claus might be on his way.
Hundreds of people lined the Stewart Parkway docks at nightfall and a slight cool nip in the air made the situation even more like the holiday season.
Most original decorated boat overall in the flotilla went to a floating nativity scene. It offered a peaceful sense with all of the other watercraft covered in brightly, colored lights. The meaning of Christmas stilled the crowd for a moment, something that none of the other boats did.
Most festive overall in the flotilla went to “Go Blue.”
For sailing vessels, the best in the flotilla went to “Quarter Moon” and the honorable mention went to “Shoal Cat.”
For powered vessels, the best in the flotilla went to “Cold Duck” and the honorable mention went to “Tantrika.”
One of the most striking scenes came early in the parade when one powerboat came by decorated with three U.S. Marines dressed in their formal uniforms.
Just as the master of ceremonies had mentioned at the onset of the flotilla, Santa Claus did show on the last boat in the flotilla on his sleigh with his reindeer.
The boats were judged by Catherine Glover, executive director of the Washington Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce; Mitch St. Clair, owner of St. Clair Trucking in Washington; and Washington Police Chief Mick Reed.