Some of us like to work on Christmas

Published 7:43 pm Wednesday, December 26, 2007

By Staff
The show must go on for many
Senior Reporter
A quiet day is Christmas Day and many are not affected by working on the holiday.
Beaufort County Hospital Nursing Supervisor Debbie Thomas has worked on Christmas Day for the last 20 years.
She said someone needs to lift the spirit of those in the hospital during Christmas.
She said patients were thrilled on Christmas morning to get cards and candy that first-graders had made especially for them.
The hospital’s cafeteria cooks fresh collards, turkey, gravy, dressing and all the trimmings for Christmas dinner, Thomas said.
Speaking of good food, Washington Police Department Cpl. Ron Black said the police department was filled with joy when one of it’s own, Cpl. Jerry Seighman, brought plates of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, collards and biscuits for his co-workers.
Three officers from the police department were working on Christmas Day, Black said. In addition to himself, Ptl. Brad Boyd and Ptl. Dusty Biggs were officers on the clock. And, speaking about the clock, the city pays its officers time-and-a-half for Christmas duty and gives them a paid-day-off in appreciation of the services they provide for the security of the city.
Another instance that Black said brightened his Christmas was when Sgt. Ben Sheppard took half of Black’s 12-hour shift to work so Black could be with his family on Christmas morning.
North Carolina State Highway Patrol dispatchers at the communications office in Martin County make their duties work out effectively so that each of them works on Christmas Day about once every two years.
Simply, he said, it’s a part of the work that the dispatchers understand and realize that Christmas duty is a must so the operations of the communications center will move smoothly.
He said Christmas Day gives him an opportunity to think about the work he has before him for the new year.
Walgreen’s in Washington is a store that never closes.
During the early afternoon of Christmas Day, the parking lot of Walgreen’s was nearly full and many shoppers were found inside.
Even though there is a pharmacist in the store 24 hours a day, many items other than medications are found at Walgreen’s. Milk, eggs, sugar, cereal and other food items can be found in the store.
Walgreen’s is really a variety store with a pharmacy, photo shop and cosmetic counter placed in the store that anchors its products between the three stations.
Other businesses found open in Washington during the middle of the day on Christmas were Blockbuster Video, Travel Stores and the Dragon Garden Buffet, a Chinese restaurant.
Lisa Patrick and Dorothy Wilson, dispatchers who work for Washington County Sheriff James Ross, say the work they have chosen to do works on a 24/7 week and a 365-day per year schedule.
Washington Department of Fire-Rescue-Inspections-EMS services Captain Jeffery White said the department had eight emergency officers in the firehouse on Christmas Day.
The captain said the emergency workers did prepare a meal for Christmas night when their families come to the department to share a holiday meal with them.