Animals blessed in honor of St. Francis

Published 2:47 am Sunday, October 5, 2008

By Staff
Episcopal father Kevin Johnson comforts pets
Newsroom Manager
Dogs of almost any variety could be found Saturday morning in Washington’s St. Peter’s Episcopal Church yard.
Folks gathered for a service of worship for the blessing of the animals at the southeast corner of North Bonner and East Second streets in Washington for the event. The day was gorgeous, with crisp autumn air and a beautiful blue sky brightened by a full sun.
He welcomed all pets at the gathering.
He blessed all of the pets as a group.
Then, he offered his blessing upon each of the animals individually.
Several owners lined up for Johnson to bless their pets.
Johnson either took the pet in his hands, stooped to touch a pet or even went to the ground to touch a pet if needed.
Owners and their pets waited patiently.
The receiving line was long and Johnson was careful with every animal.
During the service, he honored those who care for animals professionally.
Members of the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church youth group delivered cotton candy and popcorn to all who wanted the treats.
An event called the Olde English Parish Faire in honor of St. Francis followed the blessing of the animals.
Booths were set up in the churchyard with various pet-related themes and games were available for children to take part in.
Tours of the historic church were offered to all who came to the event.