A ‘Christmas Wish List’

Published 5:48 pm Wednesday, December 24, 2008

By Staff
Commentary by Kevin Travis
As I gather in front of the Christmas tree with my lovely Mumsy and my awesome brothers, I’m grateful for the time we’ll be able to spend together. It’s not about the gifts. It’s all about some quality time since we don’t get to see each other much these days.
Hoping that everybody will be healthy and happy is big on my Christmas wish list this year. The older I get, the more I realize what truly is important.
I asked a handful of current and former area stars what’s at the top of their Christmas wish list this year. As always, I’m appreciate of their responses.
Travis Midgette
UNC-Wilmington track and former Southside star
I’ve had personal wishes and hopes for so long now. This Christmas I just want a better America. I really wish that families and individuals will gain the happiness that they never had, or regain the happiness they once had. I wish we would just become better people in general. For a better people forms a better world!
Meredith Knox
Anderson College softball and former Washington star
I guess my greatest Christmas wish this year would just be having the opportunity to spend some great quality time with my family and not worry so much about the usual holiday “obligations.” I realize more than ever lately that this should be a time when everyone (especially me) just thanks God for everything He has blessed us with and slow down and take the time to appreciate it.
Lee Watkins
Navy, former Washington star
My Christmas wish is that the sailors, marines, soldiers and airmen deployed around the world and their families back home will be in everyone’s thoughts and prayers this Christmas.
Elton Coffield
pro basketball player and former Williamston star
My Christmas wish this year is to stay healthy and win every game in the second part of the season. I also wish this recession will end.
Galen Niederhauser
former Washington star
To get a job!
Lindsay Gladden
ECU graduate
My Christmas wish is to have a wonderful holiday with my family, which are the most important people in my life!
Kat Cahoon
Mount Olive softball and former Columbia star
I would love for Amanda, my friend, to be completely healed and be able to be home with her two kids and David for Christmas! And my other Christmas wish is that my mom receives healing and is no longer sick.
Marshall Fowle
N.C. State student, former Washington star
I have many wishes this Christmas. I hope that the new president will be everything we need and more. I wish for health and happiness for all of my family and friends. I hope that everyone has a giving heart this season and reaches out to those less fortunate. Last but not least, I wish for a PapaJohns Bowl victory for the Wolfpack!
Damien Linson
former Plymouth star
On Christmas I want to receive the blessing that I have been hoping for that will later help me better myself. I want to say a special happy holidays to my family.
Summer Rahn
UNC-Wilmington student and former Bear Grass star
I wish that everyone who involved the better good of others, progression of the economy, or anything else not as self-interested as personal monetary wealth, come true this holiday.
Lizzy Bruin
ECU volleyball star
My Christmas wish is to be able to share Christmas with my whole family, even my family back in Holland.
Clay Leary
Campbell student and former Northside star
My holiday wish is for everyone to have an amazing holiday and let go of all of the recent stresses everyone seems to be holding on to and to enjoy what’s most important: friends, family and love.
Laura Lee
ECU student, former Northside star
My Christmas wish is for everyone to have family, friends, and loved ones to spend the holidays with. I wish for everyone to be rich in love because that is the most important thing. Also, for the Pirates to win the bowl game!
Suzanne Lee
ECU student, former Northside star
My Christmas wish is to spend the holidays with loved ones and for everyone to remember the real meaning of Christmas!
Colby Mason
former Northside star
I wish it would snow sometime soon.
Lauren Rodriguez
Campbell softball and former Northside star
To have a great Christmas break with my family and to have a great softball season next semester at Campbell.
Kevin Roach
former ECU and Williamston star
On my wish list I hope to spend some quality time with my family and old friends and watch the Pirates finish out this great season with a win in Memphis.
Terrance Davis
ECU student and former Northside star
My Christmas wish this year is the cure for diabetes. Living with it for 17 years has been a challenge, but with sports I have managed it well. I want ECU to win the bowl game and my good friend C.J. (Wilson) to be the MVP. I want my friends and family to be blessed and have the best Christmas and New Years ever.
Kevin Travis is the Sports Editor of the Washington Daily News. You may reach him at 940-4217, or by e-mail at Kevin@wdnweb.com.