Taxing time for tax preparers

Published 2:47 pm Tuesday, April 14, 2009

By Staff
Deadline for filing income-tax returns arrives Wednesday
Contributing Editor
It’s crunch time for the number-crunchers who prepare income-tax returns.
Rosario and co-worker Carol Buranich, finding themselves with a brief lull in business Monday, talked about the tax-preparation season while eating lunch provided by one of their clients.
But with the tax-filing deadline coming up Wednesday, it’s been busy at the office.
As busy as it’s been in recent days, there have been busier times this year, she said.
Rosario is looking forward to the tax-filing season ending.
Tommy Swanner, with Thomas Swanner &Company, certified public accountants, said his tax-preparation business is “about average” when compared to past years.
With the deadline for filing tax returns just hours away, Swanner has been putting in 10- to 12-hour days to meet that deadline.
For Swanner, some of his clients have more than tax returns on their minds.
Swanner said many of his clients also are concerned with how President Barack Obama’s administration may change the tax structure and how those changes would affect them.
Kidwell said his business this year is “below average” when compared to recent years.
Kidwell said his three offices are open 14 to 16 hours a day as Wednesday’s deadline approaches.
Many taxpayers may not realize they may be qualified to deduct from their income taxes the local and state sales taxes they paid if they bought or buy a new car this year, which is being allowed to help stimulate the economy, Kidwell said.
Cutline for corresponding photo: Darlyne Rosario with A.C.C. Tax Specialists puts the final touches on a client’s income-tax return Monday. (WDN Photo/Mike Voss)