Less talk, more action needed

Published 5:07 am Thursday, July 2, 2009

By Staff
Plenty of municipal residents complain that their city council, board of aldermen or board of commissioners are out of touch with their constituents, don’t represent their constituents’ interests and don’t govern responsibly.
Well, those residents who have such a mindset can do something about that — and soon.
If they believe they can do a better job than their current council members or aldermen, they should show up at the Board of Elections office Monday when the filing period for municipal elections begins and file the papers required to become a candidate.
The filing period provides an opportunity for people to do something about improving and/or enhancing municipal government instead of just talking about it. It is easy to complain about how someone else governs. Doing something about it takes more than words; it takes commitment.
Running for a municipal office, not to mention being elected, requires commitment. It’s among the most critical assets voters should look for in candidates who are seeking their support.
Bringing needed changes and improving what is already in place require elected municipal officials to be committed to such efforts and following through on campaign promises.
Voters should be just as dedicated to finding and supporting candidates they believe will do what is necessary, not necessarily popular, to properly govern a city or town, help that city or town grow and provide needed services while being good stewards of the taxpayers’ money.
Whether those filing candidacy papers are 20-year incumbents, a one-term alderman or someone who’s never run for public office before, each candidate deserves admiration for being willing to do more than just talk about changing things.
Candidates, unlike some voters, want to do more than just talk. After the filing period ends, we will know who believes that actions speak louder than words.