Area 4-H members, clubs honored for their work

Published 1:12 am Thursday, March 3, 2011

NCCES News Release

Several area 4-H members received awards and other recognition during the  2011 Beaufort County 4-H Achievement Program was held Feb. 28 at Beaufort County Community College.

The 4-H program is the youth component of the N.C. Cooperative Extension Service. Among the 4-H clubs attending the event were the Horses of Course 4-H Club, Bath Creek 4-H Club, Loping Around 4-H Club and Up the Creek 4-H Club. More than 170 people attended the event, which is held each year to recognize 4-H clubs, members and volunteers for their 4-H work.

Arthur Williams, a former member of the N.C. House of Representatives, was the recipient of the 2010 NC 4-H Alumni Award.

Youth-project awards were presented by Louise Hinsley, 4-H agent for Beaufort County, with assistance from 4-H club leaders Monica Burns (Horses of Course 4-H Club), Velvet Avery (Bath Creek 4-H Club), Tiffany Woolard (Loping Around 4-H Club) and Janet Woolard (Up the Creek 4-H Club).

In the 5-through-8-year-old, noncompetitive pre-4-H division, the following youth were recognized with 4-H Clover Bud Award certificates and Green Ribbons: Kathleen Slade, Kyndall Seger, Zander Geritz, Max Geritz, Dylan Cahoon, Wyatt Hubers, Hannah Beth VanStaalduinen, Madison Marslender, Averi Marslender, Tyler Harris, Katie Hopkins, Caleigh Mason, Ashley Woolard, Lilly Frances Lobos, Angelina Cote, Jada Woolard, Natalie Asby, Nicholas Baker, Amelia Woolard, Ashley Woolard, Carolina Boyd, Jayna Sue VanStaalduinen, Caelyn McKeel, Daniel Sickert, Hannah Anderson and Nate VanStaalduinen.

In the 9-through-10-year-old division, the following youth competed for awards:

ź Shooting sports/safety project area: Jacob Halsey, Savannah Slade, Hunter Williams, Zachary Griffin and Blaine Griekspoor.

ź Animals project area: Savannah Slade, Blaine Griekspoor, Hunter Williams, Marshall Groves, Latham Waters, Georgia Woodard, Shana Taylor, Morgan Hopkins, Amber Midgette, Rebecca Tubaugh, Isaiah Boyd and Hayley Cahoon.

ź Science and technology project area: Lydia Mitchell.

ź Environmental and earth education project area: Lydia Mitchell.

ź Discovery 4-H project area: Diana Hyatt and Ashlynn Woolard.

In the 11-through-12-year-old division, the following youth competed for awards in 4-H projects:

ź Animals project area: Kevin Sickert, Steven Williams, Aeryalle Williams, Lindsay Woolard, Wilson VanStaalduinen, Elaine Waters, Joseph Cote and Mallory Ebner.

ź Cooking project area: Brenley Boyd and Aeryalle Williams.

ź Shooting sports project area: Matthew Slade, Steven Williams, Caden Padilla, Austyn Padilla and Kevin Sickert.

ź Science and technology project area: Jetsun Peangmeth.

ź Personal development and leadership project area: Lindsay Woolard.

In the 13-through-15-year-old division, the following youth competed in 4-H projects:

ź Animals project area: Garrett Boyd, Kendra VanStaalduinen, Anna Tew, Katie Avery, Mollie Morrow, Clint Sickert, Sarah Poore, Charon Spencer, Elizabeth Boyd, Josie Keech and Sidney Marslender.

ź Plants project area; Laura Mitchell and Amy Arnold.

ź Shooting sports area: Clint Sickert and Anna Tew.

ź Citizenship and civic education project area: Laura Mitchell.

ź Science and technology project area: Laura Mitchell.

In the 16-through-19-year-old division, the following youth competed in 4-H projects:

ź Animals project area: Catherine Moore, Rachel Moore, Kristen Baker, Lauren Linton, Kaitlyn Hartley, Sarah Harris and Katie Avery.

Erin Massie, Beaufort County’s new 4-H agent, was introduced at the event.

For more information about 4-H, call the Beaufort County center of the N.C. Cooperative Extension Service at 252-946-0111 and ask for Louise Hinsley or Erin Massie, 4-H agents.