Stroke victim recovering

Published 1:36 am Sunday, July 31, 2011

As Bettie Tate headed out the door for a walk with her son one recent afternoon, she had no idea it would become an all-night ordeal.
Tamela Tate, Bettie Tate’s daughter-in-law, described what happened:
“She was going to take her son, who is 22 years old and has Down’s syndrome, out for a walk that Thursday evening. It was a nice cool evening, but she had her stroke just a couple of minutes after she got out of the house. This was around four o’clock. She fell in the ditch and could not get up. She stayed there all night long. This was until Friday morning when Arthur found her.”
Bettie’s son, Raleigh, stayed with her until Washington Daily News carrier Arthur Fennell arrived with the morning paper.
Fennell rushed to the Woolards’ house next door to inform them of the incident. The Woolards called 911 and Tate’s family.
Bettie was initially transported to Pungo District Hospital and later transferred to Pitt County Memorial Hospital where she is still being treated.
Tamela noted that the incident could have been worse.
“She is actually doing really well considering. She has had numerous scans, X-rays, bloodwork, and all kinds of stuff. They have had physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Everybody has been in there working with her trying to get her up and moving and going.”
Bettie suffered a stroke on the right side of her brain which affects the left side of her body. Tamela stressed that the ordeal is not over yet for Bettie.
“They have got to get their blood thinners in her and working. They have not said a whole lot about what happens next. They have not given us any kind of long-term goals. We do know that she will have to have some sort of rehab once she gets out of the hospital.”
She emphasized that Fennell’s quick action was vital in saving Bettie’s life.
“He came up to Pungo while we were there and talked to all of us. He let us know that he was the one who found her. He worked with the Woolards to help get her to the hospital.”