SOUND OFF / Aug. 16, 2011

Published 1:05 am Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

It’s a reflection of where our country is now when we do not fly the flags at half-staff or half-mast in honor of the military personnel who went down in Afghanistan in the helicopter.

Why is the City of Washington excited about Kugler Field? There must be gold or oil under Kugler Field.

If people failing drug tests is such a problem, as reported in Friday’s Daily News, maybe we need to remove the requirement, either that or start requiring that folks pass a drug test to receive taxpayer-funded handouts.

Who is responsible for cleaning city streets? The west corner of Main and Bridge Street is an eyesore for any visitors coming across the bridge in to town, as well as people who daily pass that corner. The whole area needs cleaning up. Please clean it up.

The parents of some of Washington’s elementary students continue to request specific teachers for their children. In most cases, the elementary principals honor these requests. This favoritism is most unfair to the teachers and other children.

To the caller in reference to Buck Jones trash site: The problem is more the customers and the people who work there. You can tell this because the same people manage this site as manage the other sites.

First question is why is there a city ordinance prohibiting the feeding of feral cats? Second, couldn’t surveillance cameras be more useful for catching drug dealers or even people who run red lights downtown? Third, volunteers trap, neuter and return the cats to where they were trapped with the agreement to feed and monitor their health. The city ordinance prohibits the volunteers’ compliance.

I think the people who receive DSS checks should all get a drug test before and during the time they receive checks. We should not be buying drugs for them.

I just read the editorial about respecting the courtroom. One of these things that would help is to put a handle on that swinging door. There is no way to hold it to shut it easy. It would help if there were a handle on the inside.

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