SOUND OFF / Aug. 17, 2011

Published 1:00 am Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

Do you people like to make people who are not liberal Democrats mad by all these one-sided editorial cartoons you keep printing in your paper?

I am calling from Swan Point to complain about a dog barking all night. Why would a person put a dog outside that barks all night long?

It is one thing to have guest columnists, but it is disappointing to see the Daily News have a column in which the owner of the bookstore just wants to voice disapproval with any kind of regulations whatsoever. The column shouldn’t be something in which he vents his feelings against all these items. It is terrible to read all of that. It is not very upbeat at all. And we do need guidelines, despite what he says.

Economics 102: A lot of people have worked very hard and very long to put money in to the stock market. Most people who are wealthy have worked long and hard to get it.

When the county schools were looking at budget cuts, they were looking at having to lay off teachers, but yesterday’s paper showed they hired 32 new teachers. How did this happen?

If you were unfortunate enough to miss Dancing with OUR Stars Saturday night, then you need to buy the CD. Janet Cox needs an Academy Award for putting the whole thing together. Thank you, Janet Cox.

What happened to all the sales papers that used to come on Sunday?

For the comment about removing drug testing: Please take the pipe out of your mouth before you speak.

It was such a treat to see Jesse Ross sweeping his sidewalk in front of his business in downtown Washington. First impressions are very important. If the outside of your store isn’t maintained, why would shoppers be attracted to go inside? If all downtown merchants watered their pots, swept the sidewalk and used a weedeater, our downtown would say we care what we look like. If everyone did their part, it would help all. Take pride in downtown Washington.

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