SOUND OFF / Sept. 1, 2011

Published 12:43 am Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

The electric crews are definitely working very hard, but it is very hard to understand how areas near the country club, Washington Park and City of Washington got electricity Sunday night and the area west of the Y still has no electricity. It is just very hard to understand.

Thank you to all the utility workers, highway crews and people who helped their neighbors to clean up after the hurricane. That is a community effort, and we thank all the workers for the long and hard hours worked.

It is well and good to know that the Beaufort County officials did a good job in preparation for Hurricane Irene. However, if there were shelters other than P.S. Jones Middle School and Washington High School, it was not indicated on the news networks. What about the south side of the river? It is Wednesday, and we still do not have power. No blame for that. Trees are down everywhere. Next time, we need shelters on both sides of the river.

It would be nice if you could enlarge the Sunday crossword puzzle to the weekday size for those of us who do not see too well.

Many thanks for your articles about getting energy back to our homes in the Chocowinity area, with Tideland Electric Membership Corp. in particular. I wish now you would start pushing for phone service.

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