SOUND OFF / Sept. 3, 2011

Published 12:47 am Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

Could you please tell us exactly where the eye of Hurricane Irene went? It seems that some think Pamlico Beach and some think Swan Quarter. Or was it large enough to cover Pamlico Beach to Swan Quarter?

There are so many intersections in Washington but people do not use the crosswalks. They walk right out in front of you whether you are going 102 or 60 or 50 or 25 and if you hit them, it is your fault. But, no one is writing tickets for jaywalking. Is this fair, Washington, or do we need to do something?

I live in the Chocowinity area and I live by myself and I am disabled. How can I get someone to help me get my yard cleaned up and is there anyway I can get help with repairs to my mobile home? Editor’s Note: Call Steve Moler with Civitan on the Pamlico at 252-974-0479.

To all the people who live within a mile of other homes: Please do not burn your yard debris. The hurricane passed and many of us did not have electricity for days and needed our windows open. We had to endure our houses filled with smoke or sit on the porch and smell smoke. People can haul it to a free landfill or hire someone to haul it off. Thank you.

Thanks to all the people who have worked so hard in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. It has been heartwarming to see people working together and helping one another. That is what communities are all about.

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