A fond memory of Irene

Published 12:58 am Friday, September 9, 2011

To the Editor:

On Saturday, people in the Pamlico Beach community were shown an act of kindness, thanks to the good folks at the Country Restaurant in Bath. With cleanup from Hurricane Irene under way, vans from the Country Restaurant parked at Lifegate Baptist Church and began giving out plates of delicious food. Their location was in full view of the parade of cars pulling trailer loads of rubble back and forth to the dump.

My husband and I had decided we weren’t going to stop and get a plate, but we changed our minds. Perhaps it was the woman in the middle of the road, stopping each car to say everyone was welcome, who convinced us. Perhaps it was the lure of hot fried chicken or cold sweet tea that did it. Most of all, I believe, it was the feeling that someone cared about our community and what we were going through.

To everyone who contributed in any way, your effort was and still is appreciated. The event will likely be my only fond memory of Hurricane Irene.

God, bless.