Flanders Filters supervisors trained

Published 12:39 am Sunday, September 11, 2011

BCCC’s Business and Industry Services recently coordinated a training program for 16 supervisors at Flanders Filters.

Topics covered throughout the course included essentials of leadership and communication, conflict resolution, managing complaints, providing productive feedback and supporting change.

Supervisors from Flanders Filters recently completed a leadership-and-communication course offered at BCCC. The course was part of the Customized Training Program that BCCC makes available to local businesses and industry. (Submitted Photo)

Those receiving certificates include Michael Ball, Hugh J. Barr, Tim Brinson, Amy Cooper, Timothy Elks, Kenneth Jefferson, Matthew Keehnle, Tony Langley, Harry McCullough, Curtis Mitchell, Patrick Moore, Michael Mizell, Stephen Singer, Olin B. Waters, Benjamin Whaley and Gerald Woolard.

Flanders Filters is now entering the second year of training in a three-year program that was designed by BCCC’s Business and Industry Services to help the company during its expansion in Washington improve the skills of its workers.

“BCCC recognizes that the availability of a well-trained work force is an important consideration in a company’s decision to locate, expand or remain in North Carolina,” said Lentz Stowe, director of BCCC’s Business and Industry Services. “Working with our economic and work-force development partners, BCCC can help businesses and industries through the initial recruitment, personalized screening, and customized training processes.”

For more information about services offered by BCCC’s Business and Industry Services, contact Stowe at 252-940-6306, or Lauren Spruill, customized industry training coordinator, at 252-940-6311.