Our loss, their gain

Published 12:05 am Saturday, January 7, 2012

When most people see something they like, they try, if possible, to obtain it.

That’s likely what happened when a search committee of the George Washington Regional Commission in Fredericksburg, Va., interviewed Tim Ware, executive director of the Washington-based Mid-East Commission, for the executive director’s position at GWRC. They liked what they saw in Ware and lured him from eastern North Carolina.

Ware said he was not seeking to leave the Mid-East Commission, but this opportunity arose and he decided to take advantage of it.

Eldon James, GWRC’s interim executive director, told the Washington Daily News that GWRC’s selection committee chose Ware because its members were impressed with Ware’s “long experience and strengths as a manager of a regional (planning) organization.” The committee members believe Ware has the knowledge and skills needed to lead the commission, he said.

Ware, who begins his new job Jan. 17, spent about 10 years as executive director of the Mid-East Commission, which serves Beaufort, Pitt, Martin, Hertford and Bertie counties and their cities and towns. His peers thought enough of him to elected him as president of the National Association of Development Organizations in 2010-2011.

The George Washington Regional Commission’s gain is our loss.

Tim Ware, you did us proud.