SOUND OFF: 2/17/12

Published 8:03 pm Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

I wonder what the real reason is that Vidant Health is taking away Inner Banks Urgent Care. At Inner Banks, I always got immediate care, professional services and it was just a joy to go there. Whatever I had wrong, they would put me on the right path. At least they discovered my wife’s cancer there instead of going to a regular doctor. If you go to a regular doctor, you have to sit in the waiting room for an hour or an hour and a quarter before you get to see your doctor. That’s so slack. Inner Banks Urgent Care was a professional place to go to get health care, and it was immediate. Almost by the time you sat down, they would call you to come see the doctor. I am going to miss it terribly.

On Feb. 9, my wife and I attended the Art Walk down on Main Street of Washington. We were really amazed at how dark and dismal the streets were lit. The sidewalk was really unsafe for older people. The stores were illuminated very well and well displayed, but I think the city definitely needs to take a second look at its one-light lighting on the sidewalk.

It sure would be nice to know the name of the person who decided to close Inner Banks Urgent Care. That way we could call that person direct instead of Sound Off.

People need to understand that with the current restricted voting system, county commissioners always win re-election. When was the last time one did not regardless of his performance?

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