SOUND OFF July 14, 2012

Published 3:38 pm Friday, July 13, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

As a taxpayer, I think it’s ridiculous for the county commissioners, for the county, to spend $7,300 to send four county commissioners to a convention — or a vacation. They already receive $9,500 (each) plus insurance for a part-time job, more than some full-time people make. Please vote for a change in November.

Yes, we definitely need to keep all the utility workers with the City of Washington. If anything, we need to hire more. The people out on U.S. Highway 17 north of the city and N.C. Highway 171 are always the last people to get their electricity on — two, sometimes three, days after the city and the surrounding areas. Well, guess what? They may not live in the city, but they pay their utility bills just like everybody else does. Maybe we need to disperse who gets electricity first. That might be a little more fair.

I’m calling to complain concerning the trash dump at Sidney Crossroads. All the dumps in the county are built up so all you have to do is drop your trash in. This one is built on the ground, and it is waiting for a lawsuit because a lot of times they cannot keep the compactor empty and you have to go up the stairs to dump your trash. It is discriminating against the elderly and the disabled, and I have called the county office with absolutely no hope of any help whatsoever. It is a lawsuit against Beaufort County that is waiting to happen.

I would like to ask if the city is going to put a sidewalk from the hospital to the health department. I see a lot of folks utilizing the health department and having to walk in tall grass or having to run out of the way of traffic. I think this needs to be addressed.

I’d like to commend the staff of the Tideland Electric Membership Corp. When the storm came, when the power was off, we would call them and they would let us know what happened to the main power plant in Virginia, and then they would call us, let us know when they got the power started. My hat goes off to Tideland Electric’s whole staff.

In reference to a recent Sound Off, I’m a customer of Tideland EMC. I would much rather get a busy signal than an automated answering system that doesn’t understand English.

I think somebody is trying to tell the City of Washington something about that airport.

I agree that golf carts should stay off the roads. Sunday afternoon, I was on Whichard’s Beach Road, and when we got to the port side, two adults in a golf cart pulled right out. They went into the right lane, but I got on my brakes to make sure I did not hit them, but they never even looked or stopped. They just pulled out and went. So, even adults don’t even respect the law or look to see what’s happening. Thank God nobody got killed.

I really appreciate the hard work the City of Washington’s electric department does. It’s a shame that some of the council members do not appreciate what they have, and I can only hope that they realize it before it’s too late.

I am a God-fearing Christian. I will not support or vote for any political party that supports gay marriages or same-sex marriages or any other thing that’s contrary to the word of God.

Don’t forget to vote in the second primary Tuesday.

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