Share the history

Published 10:22 pm Thursday, July 19, 2012

We’ve all got them — boxes of ancestors’ faded letters, sepia-toned photographs of the way things used to be, artifacts passed down from one generation to the next. Usually tucked up in the attic or down in the basement, they rarely see the light of day. But a local organization is saying that now is the time to show them off.
The Beaufort County Arts Council is asking you to unearth your pieces of history, dust them off and cart them down to the Washington Civic Center for a tricentennial celebration of Beaufort County treasures. Fantastic old photos of yesteryear, a land grant signed by King Charles or a roulette wheel confiscated from an illegal gambling ring by a Beaufort County sheriff long ago — the more unique the story behind your treasure, the better.
The Arts Council should be commended for corralling these local artifacts for its fall exhibit, because by doing so, Beaufort County’s 300-year history will be pieced together in a real and personal way: through our ancestors, through us.
From Sept. 6 to Oct. 18, the Civic Center will be transformed into a Beaufort County museum, a tribute to three centuries of life on the river, in town and on the farm. You should be a part of it. Let’s share the history.
The Beaufort County Arts Council asks that anyone interested in lending an item for the exhibit call 252-946-2504. Items should be delivered to the BCAC at 108 Gladden St., Washington, between Aug. 27 and 31.