SOUND OFF, Sept. 2

Published 12:18 am Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

Brian, will you please print the UNC and NC State football schedules in the Washington Daily News sports section? East Carolina, too. Thank you, buddy. You’re doing a good job. God bless you, buddy.

I will certainly not vote against my best interest when it comes to health care, the Affordable Care Act and the Lily Ledbetter equal pay for equal work act and other things that the country is on the right track in getting done. I don’t want my taxes raised by $2,000 for medical care or a voucher, which won’t pay for the medical care that I need to get. We do have a clear choice and the choice is the one who will look out for the middle class and businesses and our health with the Affordable Care Act and the Equal Pay Act. And if the other party would just stop their obstructionism and work with us, this country would have been on a better footing a long time ago. But hate in the other party has caused this country to have a slow recovery, hate from those so-called Christians. That is what it is, hate from the so-called Christians. I’m glad Jesus does not act like those so-called Christians.

I disagree with the thing that was in the Washington Daily News on Saturday about the old programs on cable. That’s about all I watch. It don’t have all the violence, and sex, and the blood and the killings and all in it and I’d much rather watch that than any other thing and I think there’s too much of that on TV as it is. We need better, wholesome programs on TV.

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