Join the team

Published 9:51 pm Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Evidence of football fever appeared the last few weeks as local high schools hosted their first home games.
Team signs lined county roads, team colors were the costumes de rigueur and “tailgate” was at the tip of many tongues.
But is the fever spreading?
There are plenty of college football and professional football fans in the area. But, few of us tend to get behind the local high school teams until we know someone on them or they are heading to a state championship.
There’s room for more than the local high school students and parents in Pam Pack Stadium. When a Panther hears fans cheer, he does not look over his shoulder to see whom it is. The support is appreciated, regardless of the source.
You are not just supporting them with cheers, the money raised at home events supports team expenses throughout the season.
We’ve all heard how team sports benefit the player, but did you know the sports fan benefits, too? According to Prevention Magazine, people who watch live sports are often inspired to become more active. You may never run a touchdown, but you’ll be motivated to go for a walk.
Walking from your car to stadium seating is a workout in and of itself. Catch a close game or jump and cheer every time the local team scores and you will burn even more calories.
“The average 150-pound woman burns more than 100 calories per hour attending a live sporting event,” Prevention Magazine said.
The article goes so far as to say you will be smarter, live longer (by strengthening your social network with the weekly activity) and improve your relationships.
Beaufort County has enough public and private school teams to fill anyone’s calendar. Here’s a sampling:
Terra Ceia Christian Academy’s soccer and volleyball teams have home games scheduled September 18.
Washington’s junior varsity football team is scheduled to play Riverside tonight at 7 p.m. Southside’s junior varsity will travel across the river to Northside tonight.
The varsity Seahawks will be hosting Midway tomorrow night at 7:30.
Go, team BOCo!