Former nurse charged with Rx fraud

Published 8:54 pm Monday, March 3, 2014

Kacey Midgette

Kacey Midgette


A former licensed practical nurse was charged with 11 counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud after several complaints landed on the desk of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office’s drug diversion investigator.

Kacey Reann Midgette, 33, of Jamesville, was arrested by sheriff’s office drug unit investigators on Feb. 26. The charges came after Midgette filled a total of 11 prescriptions for 1,100 dosage units of Hydrocodone over a six-month period at two local pharmacies. Hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opioid, used to treat moderate to severe pain.

According to a press release from the drug unit, suspicious activity at the two Beaufort County pharmacies prompted the complaints. A follow up by Investigator Greg Rowe, the unit’s drug diversion officer, indicated Midgette was calling in prescriptions to pharmacies using the identities of her associates. Midgette had previously worked at a doctor’s office in Washington County, but was not working there at the time the complaints were registered with Rowe, he said.

“She was a licensed nurse, but her status was in limbo, from what I understand,” Rowe said.

According to another spokesman for the drug unit, part of Midgette’s normal duties may have involved calling in prescriptions to pharmacies for patients.

“She was able to take advantage of that (knowledge),” the spokesman said.

The drug unit spokesman said Midgette was filling the prescriptions for personal use.

“There was no one else involved,” he said. “There was no indicator that she was selling them.”

After her arrest, Midgette was held at the Beaufort County Detention Center under an $11,000 bond. Midgette is also under investigation for similar charges in both Martin and Washington counties, according to the press release.