Given the awareness it deserves

Published 7:13 pm Thursday, March 3, 2016

To the Editor,
I was excited to read your recent article on Valerie Kines, the new executive director of Ruth’s House. I believe that in the small town of Washington, and even Beaufort County as a whole, domestic violence is rarely given the awareness it deserves.
Though we often choose to ignore it or make excuses for such abuse, women and men are suffering in front of our very own eyes. We call ourselves an “intimate community,” in which we uplift our brothers and sisters, yet we often push victims to the dark edges of silence rather than welcoming them into the light of healing.
It is organizations such as Ruth’s House that help change this vicious cycle of internalization and fear.
I think this article should shake every reader to their core and open our eyes to neighbors, coworkers, friends and family members. We, as human beings, should be more attentive to the wellbeing of those whom we love.
And, furthermore, to victims: You are not alone in this. No longer should you feel silenced, burdened or even condemned for any injustices put upon you. Rather, our community offers you a place of hope and Ruth’s House is one of the greatest starting points for that.
I want to thank you, Valerie, for dedicating so much of your life to fighting for those who may not have a voice themselves. I also would like to thank all personnel, volunteers and charitable contributors to Ruth’s House. You, too, pursue justice and healing in a place where those situations are not always readily spoken about.
Washington is a much different place because of the work that you do. I can only hope that more recognition is given to organizations like these in the future.

Elizabeth Miller
Blounts Creek