Resolutions, traditions usher in the new year

Published 4:01 pm Monday, January 1, 2018


For some, the onset of a new year is the perfect opportunity for self-improvement, to lose weight, set educational goals or to learn a new language.

For others, the pursuit of travel or a new job head the list for resolutions.

The ancient Babylonians are credited with making the first resolutions marking the new year, a tradition that continues around the world today. The Daily News recently spoke with shoppers and merchants in downtown Washington to see what 2018 may hold for them.

Meanwhile, in a small Beaufort County community, some residents are continuing to keep their own New Year’s tradition alive.

In a certain neighborhood of Blounts Creek, citizens for generations have made it a habit to leave coins outside before midnight on New Year’s Eve. They then retrieve the coins the next day. Those who are superstitious believe this means they will bring money in throughout the new year.

Siblings Ernest H. Cutler and Mary C. Peters say they plan to continue the tradition this year.

“It’s something we always grew up doing,” Cutler said. “Daddy had us doing it,” Peters added.

Neither have heard of such a tradition in other towns; in fact, friends who grew up in other parts of Beaufort County aren’t familiar with the tradition.

“Apparently, it was something only done right here in this neighborhood,” Cutler said.

Cutler, born in 1939, said he doesn’t believe he has missed a year since he was a young boy. But once Peters moved away from the family farm, the neighborhood tradition seemed to fall by the wayside.

“I did get away from doing it, but I’ve gotten back into it,” Peters said. “And I’ve been doing it every year for the 14 years I’ve been living in Greenville.”

Cutler had some old-fashioned advice for anyone interested in making the tradition their own for 2018.

“You have to put the coins out in privacy,” he said. “No one can know where you put them.”

ZACH SMITH: “To come home to visit more often.”

TRACEY ROBINSON: “I’d like to increase my catering business, Simply Southern.”

RETINA SPENCER: “I just want to be a good person and a blessing to others.”

LEIGH FURLOUGH: “My resolution is to increase my involvement with the Downtown Harbor District projects.”

JULE MACKENZIE: “Why wait until New Year’s to make resolutions?”

FRANCHESCA WILLIAMS: “To read more and spend more time with my family.”

CANDACE CLARK: “I want to go back to school for my bachelor’s degree.”