The secret to maintaining resolutions

Published 4:19 pm Monday, January 1, 2018

Calendars changing from one year to the next mean a lot of different things. People are making New Year’s Eve plans to ring in 2018 with friends and family. Students are preparing to go back to school next week.

And, of course, resolutions are being made.

Many resolutions are health-centric. Local gyms will be packed. More people may be walking around the waterfront or on the trail at Beaufort County Community College. Perhaps the produce isles at the grocery stores will be a bit more crowded.

Then, after a few months, things tend to return to the status quo. Some of those who became exercise enthusiasts in January don’t make it past March. There’s a reversion of dietary habits.

There are a few ways to better maintain resolutions this time around. Most of them revolve around thinking small and taking things one step at a time.

The most important tip is to pick just one goal and make it something attainable. Going overboard with an objective can lead to becoming disheartened when expected progress isn’t made. Having just one mission in mind is easier, especially when it comes to taking up a healthier lifestyle, because of the weeks and months of dedication needed to make a new habit or routine permanent.

Of course, the resolution shouldn’t be something too easy. Another way to make a goal more plausible is to break it down into smaller steps. Achieving one step at a time is a mental incentive and helps to keep people motivated.

According to a 2011 report from, Beaufort County’s population had a higher percentage of obesity compared to state and national numbers. The county has implemented different programs in recent years — like BCCC’s Beau-FITT — to counter the trend.

These few keys will help maintain not only health goals in 2018, but can also be applied to any resolutions made for the New Year.